The healing power of Cider vinegar and Honey for relieving Arthritis

Mixing a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of cider vinegar in warm water and drinking it as tonic for arthritis might seem like folly to some people, and yet common practice to others. This folk medicine has been used and passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

To further explore the healing properties of these two household ingredients we must first understand that our bodies have a natural Ph balance that can be upset by the foods we eat. Surprisingly the Ph level of food prior to digestion has nothing to do with the Ph level of the residue that it leaves behind in our stomachs after digestion; for example lemons are extremely acidic and yet they form an alkaline residue in the stomach, likewise meat is alkaline but is very acid forming for the body.

So what happens if your body’s Ph balance is out of sync? For most people a healthy balance is maintained when 25% of our diet is acid forming and 75% is alkaline forming. When this natural Ph balance is out of sync and positively charged ions tip the scales the body is forced to borrow minerals including calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium from vital organs and bones to neutralise the acidity, it goes without saying that this can cause severe damage, and explains why poor diet can exacerbate, if not cause arthritis. Acid is associated with heat and inflammation, ideal conditions for bacteria and disease to flourish, some ailments that are linked to excess acid are kidney or bladder conditions, joint pains, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and slow digestion.

Examples of acid forming foods:

all meat, alcohol, coffee, olives, white bread, white pasta, butter, cheese, peanuts, eggs, milk, fast food burger crap (surprise surprise!)

Examples of alkaline forming foods:

green vegetables, lentils, apple cider vinegar, herbal teas, honey, spirulina, almonds, unsweetened soy milk, flax, hemp, coconut oils, sprouted seeds

Why apple cider vinegar?

When organic and unrefined it contains a host of live enzymes and antibacterial properties that can restore alkalinity a lot faster than most foods. It is these live enzymes, known as the vinegar’s ‘mother’ that make it cloudy, chemicals such as pesticides kill the mother and refining the vinegar removes it, this not only removes almost all health benefits but makes the vinegar acid forming too. When taken twice daily apple cider vinegar begins to release calcium deposits back into solution in the bloodstream to be re-circulated to the bones, thus relieving and preventing the symptoms of arthritis.

Why honey?

Firstly, all sugar including artificial sweeteners are acid forming and honey appears to be no different in this respect. However, the sugar from honey is absorbed into the body’s cells far more rapidly rather than lingering in the bloodstream, from this researchers have discovered that 45 minutes after eating honey blood tests showed more alkalinity. In the same way diabetics also have lower blood sugar 45 minutes after eating honey. Similarly to the vinegar, the honey must be raw and unprocessed for it to have any alkalising affect, and preferably manuka honey, as this contains far more antioxidant and free radical fighting properties.

Health benefits aside, adding a tablespoon of honey to the vinegar will make the tonic more palatable. As unappetising as it may seem, drink the tonic twice daily and as your body’s alkalinity is restored it will begin to taste good, however this should not be used as a reliable way of determining your Ph balance.

In light of the extensive research made into this traditional form of medicine it seems far more plausible that cider vinegar could indeed relieve the symptoms of arthritis in as little as three days, and adding manuka honey to the mix makes for a tonic that packs even more punch. Scientifically proven to postpone the affects of premature ageing caused by poor diet, apple cider vinegar and honey is truly a powerful healing elixir!

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