Welcome to Swindon Pulse Wholefoods

We keep as many fairly traded and organic goods as possible. Whilst many of our products do not have the fair trade mark many are bought from small growers, local suppliers and co-operatives. We always try the products we sell and we try to avoid stocking products that supermarkets have however, we won’t compromise on taste and quality just to be right on, pc and cool – if we or our customers don’t like it, we don’t stock it!

    • In summer we buy many of our fruit and vegetables from Jubilee Gardens – a local charity project that provides work for adults with learning difficulties in Swindon.

    • We sell a wide range of dried wholefoods that we bag up from bulk sacks – which helps to keep costs down – 90% of them organic, and from all corners of the globe.

  • We have a large selection of loose dried herbs and spices and some herbal remedies which we weigh up for you, from as little as 60p an ounce (30g).


We sell cruelty free, bio-degradable toiletries & cleaning products by Bio D, Ecoleaf, Earth Friendly, Faith In Nature, Jasons & Urtekram amongst others.

Bring your old Bio D, Ecoleaf bottles to be refilled, save money and generate less plastic waste!

We also carry a good range of Vogels herbal remedies which can help treat all sorts of ailments from coughs, colds and hay fever, to liver problems, menopause and sleeplessness.