Telephone Orders

Anything that we stock we are happy to order in large quantities, also any thing that our wholesalers stock we will order for you, – if it’s something that we don’t regularly carry, and if you order a case (that’s usually 6 or 12), you’ll get 10% discount.

Our main deliveries are Mondays and Wednesdays, so to help us to get your items please order by 5:30pm on Thursdays to ensure delivery for the following week. We will always endeavour to fulfil special orders within a week but sometimes circumstances (such as our suppliers are out of stock) outside of our control prevent this.

If there is an item that you wish to purchase weekly (such as yoghurt or bread) you may find it preferable to place a regular weekly or fortnightly order. Special orders are kept aside in a separate area, so please ask at the counter rather than taking the item from the shelf as this helps to prevent waste. We will keep special orders for a few days, if they are consistently not collected, we will not keep ordering them. Please tell staff if you are going on holiday or are otherwise unable to collect a special order as soon as possible.

Many people prefer to have a regular order for bread to ensure they get what they want, as there can be a bit of a scrabble for it on a Thursday morning. Please make all bread special orders by 5:30pm on Mondays, for delivery the same week.

01793 692 016